20 things to improve your productivity in 2017

10 ‘less’:

1, less time online. schedule, plan, have a to-do list for online time. each time no more than 1 hour. less than 3 hours of total per day.

2, less time with your laptop. usually just lead to facebook, and youtube, or watching films on your hard drive. schedule laptop time also, make a list of things you want to do on your laptop.

3, less sleeping time. don’t oversleep. no sleeping until noon or afternoon. 7 hours per night should suffice. to bed before 12am and up before 7am.

4, less pingpong time. you played way too much pingpong last semester. again, schedule and limit the amount of pingpong you can play per week, let just say a quota of 5 hours per week. 1 hour each day. play less but deliberately practice each time you play. a suggestion for better game: deliberate free-ball hit – forehand, backhand, slice when you’re alone with the net, and when you’re playing against someone: have a game in mind, for example: aha let’s practice slice and then a forehand topspin, or hei observe where he tends to drive his ball to, to my forehand or backhand.

5, less thinking time about daily routines options, like what to eat now for lunch, dinner, or what to wear now. use you index card, write all the options you have on those index cards, so now you have a pool of eating options, draw and abide. what to wear, 3 outfits per week, or even better: go steve jobs, one for the whole week.

6, less impulsive spending.

  • no more scan wechat scan wechat. no more: “oh i’m so bored, let’s go to miniso and see what little thing i can buy”. planned spending, set out the amount of $ you can spend each month. withdraw all cash after you’ve received the money, set aside 90% and spend no more than that, that’s all you have.
  • less time on taobao.
  • less printing. indeed no more printing dude. you spent a lot on printing last semester.

7, less time plugging that earphone in your ears. less music. music is just another way to escape reality, run away from what you have to do: homeworks, plan for the future.

8, less time, or actually cut off 100% time surfing porn pages…, less fapping also. or actually go noFAP for a streak of 30 then 90 then 180 days. yeah, you already have a girlfriend, cut it.

9, less time sticking your head to your iPhone. you use the phone, you don’t let the phone consume you.

10, less time time thinking of unproductive thoughts, – things of the past, things you can’t do anything about. do this yes/no test: is this something I can do about right now? yes, then do something about it; no, then move on and do something.

10 ‘more’

1, more time reading. sit down and read in quiet. people nowadays seem to have lost that ability to concentrate for half an hour on just a thought, a subject.

2, more time writing, in quiet. may be in this order: a) meditate, gather your thought on the subject you want to write about – for about 10 minutes, b) write.

3, more time meditation. seat + mudra seal. empty mind. practice deep breathing.

4, more time actually learning chinese. should be 60% of what you do this year.

5, more time exercise: running, push-up, the fountain of youth 7 rituals, 八段锦。

6, more time read, study, take notes about IR.

7, more time think productive thoughts. thoughts that produce something. practice your thought muscle, do paper thinking on question like: ‘what are the 10 ways that will help me get closer to this ABC goal?’

8, more time actually talk to people, pay attention to them, in a genuine way that you want to build a human connection with that person. practice the art of small-talk more.

9, more quality time with my girlfriend.

10, ask more questions. and less opinion-expressing. you’re learning when you’re asking question you’re really curious about.




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