how to write a pitching document that sells your game

[wow, found a post on my old blog(blogspot) circa summer 2013, ancient time when I still worked in that game company. a short but nice read, for a few minutes I couldn’t even figure out that I myself wrote it…ok repost here on this official blog of mine. This is more of a ‘do this, then do that’ blog post, more on practical side, to be read as a checklist when you’re prepping a pitch] If you are a game developer, you surely realize the importance of having a good pitching document in game project. A good pitching document helps … Continue reading how to write a pitching document that sells your game

one trick to instantly beat procrastination

You have a lot of things you need to do? Ideas for articles that remain in your head and never find their way on paper or on your blog? You’re a students and you have arrears of unfinished essays assignments? Frustration. When you know you should/must start doing something important, yet you’re still here in front of computer screen surfing the net, reading news that have nothing to do with you, watching Epic Rap Battles on Youtube, or worse, watching porn… In a word: distractions, entertainment makes you comfortable and temporarily away from anxiety of important things undone. And below … Continue reading one trick to instantly beat procrastination

federer 2017 numerology

ok retrospective view of federer’s triumph at Aussie Open 2017. [*] entered tournament as seed no.17. 1+7 = 8. Tarot VIII. Strength = Leo = Federer’s zodiac sign. [*] federer’s tarot card for 2017, numerologically = 8 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8. VIII. Strength = Leo. ( yearly card = date + month + the year) [*] number of grand slam during the tournament = 17 = 1 + 7 =8. [*] Australian Open 2017 was Federer’s 17th appearance in the tournament. again 1 + 7 =8. … Continue reading federer 2017 numerology

20 things to improve your productivity in 2017

10 ‘less’: 1, less time online. schedule, plan, have a to-do list for online time. each time no more than 1 hour. less than 3 hours of total per day. 2, less time with your laptop. usually just lead to facebook, and youtube, or watching films on your hard drive. schedule laptop time also, make a list of things you want to do on your laptop. 3, less sleeping time. don’t oversleep. no sleeping until noon or afternoon. 7 hours per night should suffice. to bed before 12am and up before 7am. 4, less pingpong time. you played way too … Continue reading 20 things to improve your productivity in 2017

mistake number one when starting a blog

That number one mistake is: You focus too much on the things that don’t matter. Things that don’t matter can be: the appearance – the theme, the design of the blog, which color is the best…, which wordpress plug-ins to install, or how to get more people to know about you and your blog… You fret about those things, wasting your time and mental energy while what you should be doing is just to f*cking start writing, and publishing. That’s the 20%, or even the 10% of input that will decide 90% the quality of your blog, and the value … Continue reading mistake number one when starting a blog

On Fate

2014 was one of those darkest years for the Airline Industry, and specifically to that of South-East Asian which had all of the tragic incidents so far (one missing since April, supposedly crashed in Indian Ocean, one was shot by an unknown force in Ukraine)… 30th December 2014. 162 people were on their way from Indonesia to Singapore on the flight QZ8501, most of them to reunion with their family for the New Year 2015. It crashed. They all died… 2014 couldn’t end worse for the Airline Industry, and for those whose beloved ones were on the flight QZ8501. ‘I … Continue reading On Fate

General Vo Nguyen Giap’s most difficult decision in his life

Sleepless night Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam, 25/01/1954. The night before the final battle, it was very late but the Commander in Chief of Democratic Republic of Vietnam, General Vo Nguyen Giap couldn’t rest even for a moment. His eyes were glued to the map of Muong Thanh Valley, where Vietnam’s grand army would enter a pitched battle with the French. Giap had planned to win the battle quickly, ‘in 3 days’, he thought, and ‘we will defeat the French once and for all, celebrating our victory as well as the Tet Holiday (Vietnam’s Traditional New Year Holiday, often between the … Continue reading General Vo Nguyen Giap’s most difficult decision in his life