mistake number one when starting a blog

That number one mistake is: You focus too much on the things that don’t matter.

Things that don’t matter can be: the appearance – the theme, the design of the blog, which color is the best…, which wordpress plug-ins to install, or how to get more people to know about you and your blog…

You fret about those things, wasting your time and mental energy while what you should be doing is just to f*cking start writing, and publishing. That’s the 20%, or even the 10% of input that will decide 90% the quality of your blog, and the value it brings to you and your reader.

Focus on ideas, organizing your ideas. Having something to say, and say it. That’s the core of blogging, that’s what you focus on doing. The second crux of blogging is to share it with people.

So 2 core things to prioritize in your blogging:

  1. Have something to say. Say it. Say it well.
  2. Share it with other people. Some will find what you share valuable to them.

That’s the only 2 things you should give a f*ck about.

To quote Mark Manson from his “The Art of not giving a f*ck”

“You should give a fuck. You really should, but only about things that set your soul on fire. Save your fucks for magical shit.”

And that magical shit when you’re baby-steps in your blogging is: Sit the f*ck down, glue your pants to the seat and START WRITING. Save other things for later, after you have somehow get the knack of churning out words everyday, and then churning out quality writings everyday. Only then, think about the design, the appearance of your blog, how to set up the social media marketing…

Forget everything else for a while, keep writing and posting everyday for 6 months to build the momentum and self-discipline. Only after that you could really start improving and refining your craft of writing. Let your work do the marketing for you.

So sit down and start writing today. One word after another. To quote Hemingway’s advice:

“Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”



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