one trick to instantly beat procrastination

You have a lot of things you need to do? Ideas for articles that remain in your head and never find their way on paper or on your blog? You’re a students and you have arrears of unfinished essays assignments?

Frustration. When you know you should/must start doing something important, yet you’re still here in front of computer screen surfing the net, reading news that have nothing to do with you, watching Epic Rap Battles on Youtube, or worse, watching porn… In a word: distractions, entertainment makes you comfortable and temporarily away from anxiety of important things undone.

And below is the single one trick that will instantly helps you beat your procrastination and start doing the work:

Sit down in your desk with all the tools you need for the task. Sit there for a sequence of 50 – 10 – 50 – 30: 50 minutes work – 10 minutes rest – another 50 minutes work – and finally take a break of 30 minutes away from your desk.

A few prerequisites: you must first clear your desk – your working environment, of all other stuffs; only what is needed for the task can remain, i.e: if you are learning French, only French textbook and mp3 player with French audio, and other notebooks can remain on your desk. Keep your phone away, and stay offline. Then remain in your desk for the time scheduled above, even if you’re bored and don’t want to do your work, Fine, sit there. And stare at the desk. But don’t stand up and get away from your workstation.

Simple as that. Give it a try. Start listing what you need for your task, assemble them, clean your desk, bring your tools there. Sit there for 50-10-50-30, and you’ll finally start working!






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